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Action Potential

Founded in December 2011, Action Potential is a unique personal training studio providing women across Placerville, Camino, Pollock Pines, and beyond with a positive experience in fitness.

We are home to some of the top-voted fitness professionals in El Dorado County. Our Licensed TRX® Premier Training Facility, combined skills, extensive knowledge, expert program design, and friendly service make reaching your personal goals a unique, empowering, and enjoyable experience. Action Potential believes in a comprehensive approach to your wellness that includes personal fitness training and nutrition management.

We offer many ways to vary your workout: personal and small group training, fitness camps, in indoor and outdoor settings.

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Personal Training near Camino

Personal Training near Camino

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Jess is the best trainer I have ever used. I came to her after experiencing a serious back injury and in need of a trainer that was knowledgable in sports injuries. Jess far exceeded all of my expectations. I highly recommend her!

Personal Training near Camino

Jan Hunt

I have been training with Jessica for the past three years. In that time she has given me a new way to look at caring for my body and my health. Jessica is highly trained in her profession. She has great passion and a wealth of knowledge and information. She plans my personal training sessions to where I am at and knows just when to take it to the next level. I am challenged and always encouraged to go to keep on going. She has built up my confidence and skills. It shows that she loves what she does!!

Personal Training near Camino

Cindra Kallabis

Action Potential is all about customizing your workout to fit your life. After years of trying to lose weight and be healthier, Jessica has taught me to take care of myself better and given me the confidence to continue. I don't even want to think of where I'd be without her help. Not only have I lost weight, but I have also gained balance and security knowing I can live a more active life. She has helped me to live stronger.

Personal Training near Camino

Karen Mitchell

Action Potential lives up to its name. Knowledgable, professional, I got a great workout! I would recommend this to anyone!

Personal Training near Camino

Dale McGill

Three years ago, I was in an accident where I was hit by a drunk driver. After over a year and a half, nothing helped my pain! I went to physical therapy, acupuncture, saw several doctors, had Botox in my neck, massage and that’s just to name a few. All of this without relief! It was then that I was referred to Jess by my Physical Therapist in El Dorado Hills. He said, “I really feel that you would benefit from Jess training you!” When I first started with Jess, I was dizzy ALL the time, had headaches and body pain. Without being able to exercise, it was getting worse and worse. I was miserable! Jess’ training has made me strong mentally, physically and emotionally! She is such a great support system and trainer! She is kind, compassionate and a go-getter, no excuses! She focuses on keeping us safe from injury in whatever activity we are doing. She offers advice and provides information to her clients on her own time! I absolutely LOVE her, her classes, the way she teaches and all of the people I exercise with! I wouldn’t go anywhere else, EVER!

Personal Training near Camino

Angela Murphy

I wasn't quite sure what to expect with a personal trainer. I am not all that comfortable in a gym like setting- which is what brought me here. I was/am thrilled to have found Jessica at Action Potential. Her knowledge of coaching, counseling, training, pushing and understanding is unparalleled.  She modifies each workout to give me maximum result - which is not easy because I have a back injury. She coaches on nutrition and is really committed to her clients.  It is obvious this is her talent, passion and focus. I highly recommend it here even if you are a novice like me.says something nice about you and your services.

Personal Training near Camino

Paula Canavero

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